FCL 24

FCL 24 is a slightly larger version of the FCL 20. This cycle is perfect for any urban adventure on a sunny day (could be used on a cloudy day too by those who can brave the weather). We have fitted this model with a saddle with springs to make those cycling adventures more enjoyable. We have made our frame aluminium so it’s very light and the fun can keep on going.
Apart from the comfort, FCL 24 offers safety features such as bike lock, battery powered back and front lights and reflective strip tyres. Remember, a helmet to accessorise your child’s Frappe is a must. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll be ready to go on another thrilling adventure in the city with your little urban explorers.


Technical details


Why would you love this bike?

This cycle will give your child the freedom to explore further and further. Longer trips equalls more fun memories.

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