Sport Drive

Integration as a goal

as a goal

It was one of our goals to design and develop a seamless blend of a Frappé and its motor to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. Mid positioned motor for sporty cyclist, rear positioned motor for relax and leisure, the choice is yours.

Powerful and smooth

BFI Sport Drive E-System is at heart of our E-City Sport and E-City Classic bikes. The key feature of this systems is that it is quiet as a mouse, you’ll never hear it working.

Shimano STEPS

When you need a bit of quiet in your life

Shimano STEPS is also used in our E-City bikes. Its innovative design in current generation allows it to be one of the lightest and smallest and one of the quietest motors currently available. We are proud to use it in our Frappés for your ultimate biking pleasure.

Frame Design

Riding Experience

A frame designed with cycling in mind. We have achieved a desirable look which is light and strong.

Practicality & Minimalism

Frappé delivers practicality and minimalism with all the structures increased in the frame. It makes use of its active geometry and precise steering for a speedy getaway when you need it most.
The complete package.


Top Features only

All the features of the Frappé we carefully chose for your safety and comfort.


Gates Belt

Fed up with cycle chains?


Never again – cycle cut short due to a puncture.

Lock – Your Frappé stays safe at all times.

Axa frame locks add a modern twist with the anti-drilling cylinder and a hardened steel bracket. A flexible fitting set and a foldable key are also included. As a bonus – they are approved by most insurance companies.

Urban Commuting