5-Year Frame Warranty

We offer a 5-year free warranty on Frappe frames from 2020 collection

A warranty only applies to manufacturing defects of the frame and the way it was constructed and does not apply to the finish / coating of the frame and its accessories.

Making a claim against the warranty is subject to the condition that the frame is regularly inspected by an authorized Frappé service station, and that the check is performed at least once per the calendar year.

The date on which the bicycle was purchased is considered to be the first day of the warranty period. The regular service inspections must be confirmed with an entry in the chart in the Warranty Card (the penultimate page in the User Manual). The warranty is only valid if you have this document showing regular inspections. The costs relating to the service inspections are covered by the customer alone.

The date of the purchase counts as the opening date for the warranty period.

In case of a valid claim regarding Frappe frame, BFI shall send a new frame to the dealer and the dealer shall replace the frame to end consumer free of charge.