FCS 300.7 GENT

FCS 300.7 gent is a modern cycle based on a classic model. It is the lightest model of the City Sport series. This stylish piece is equipped with a maintenance free belt. No chain = no grease + reliability. This is the winning formula we are applying to this Frappé. To finish off this slick look we have fitted FCS 300.7 gent with a sporty leather seat, thin Otis tires (perfect for the road cycling) and fenders for added protection. We even added a rear carrier to make it more practical but really, it’s your call whether you want to use it. We didn’t want to slow you down with any unnecessary weight.


Technical details


Why will you love this bike?

Stylish simplicity. Designed particularly with men in mind, it represents no-nonsense attitude. It can be described by 3S: Sporty, Safe and Stylish. No bells and whistles, just pure cycling pleasure.